Jazz 100% vaccinated against COVID-19

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) To ensure the safety and well-being of its workforce, Jazz has completed the vaccination of all its eligible employees. This comprises the company’s staff who have received at least their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

During the internal Independence Day celebrations, Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim congratulated the employees on achieving a 100 percent vaccination status, adding, “Jazz remains fully committed to the safety of its people. Our internal vaccination campaign aimed to safeguard the health of not only our employees but those around them as well.  This achievement is another contribution to our #JazzCares initiative and this Independence Day, there can be no greater service to the nation than to keep us and others safe through the pandemic.” 

Apart from focusing on vaccinating its workforce, the company has also collaborated with the National Command and Operation Centre to carry out a massive vaccination awareness campaign.  

Even after vaccinating its entire eligible workforce, Jazz is still enforcing strict adherence to SOPs at its offices and experience centers nationwide. Only employees possessing a COVID Vaccination Digital Pass are allowed to work from the office. Instead of visiting franchises and experience centers, customers are encouraged to utilize digital touch points, like the self-care mobile app, Jazz World, which has crossed nine million active users.

Throughout the pandemic, Jazz implemented several initiatives towards the safety and well-being of its staff. It was one of the first major companies to implement a work from home policy, as the virus first began spreading. This was followed by online counseling sessions and workout classes, one-stop e-health services, medical coverage plans for COVID-19, regular disinfection of offices, equipping workspaces with personal protective gear, travel restrictions with close monitoring, availability of critical resources like medicines and oxygen, and a 24/7 emergency hotline.   

Earlier last year, Jazz pledged PKR 1.2 billion in support of COVID-19 relief. This included short to mid-term initiatives aimed at mitigating the negative socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic.  PKR 124.3 million from this pledge was donated to the PM Emergency Relief Fund, while more than 12,000 vulnerable families in 23 cities were provided food rations through the Edhi Foundation and other NGOs. Jazz also provided 360,000 PPEs and life-saving medical equipment to various hospitals. A part of the announced support also went towards zero-rated and subsidized calls to emergency health services, and subsidized bundles and mobile payments. The company also partnered with education technology company Knowledge Platform to facilitate over 270,000 students in 100 cities with special data bundles.