iPhone 12 Release & What to Expect in New iPhone

Apple has been doing its iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch launches in mid-September for last many years. Since September 2011 when iPhone 4S was launched, apple has release their new models of iPhone every September. This year they did a virtual launch event with everything that was expected, except the new iPhone. While it was quite a disappointment for Apple and iPhone fans around the globe, it started a new wave of rumors on whether iPhone 12 is going to launch this year at all. If yes, why wasn’t it launched with iPad, apple watch and everything else in September. Then of course the big question, what will be the launch date for iPhone 12. We have done some research on what critics, experts and people having a close on market are saying about iPhone launch.

First things first, almost all the analysts agree that iPhone will launch in October with a month’s delay from usual launch date. One of the analysts have even given the exact date of October 13th for iPhone launch event. One interesting speculation some of the analysts are doing is that October event will have more products to launch with iPhone 12. This is interesting because all products that usually launch with iPhone are already launched in September virtual event.

What will the iPhone launch have for us, as in, how many models? Analysts and insiders are saying that four models will be released. iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Some say they may launch different models in separately. Like the Pro Max may be launched separately a few weeks later.

 Some talked specifications / features to expect in iPhone 12 are:

  • iPhone 12 will support 5G which will make it more lasting
  • iPhone 12 is said to have squarer edges like iPhone 4 or 5
  • iPhone 11 had LCD display while the new iPhone 12 will have OLED displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz
  • iPhone 12 will come in 128, 256 & 512GB storage options
  • iPhone 12 mini would possibly have 5.4 inches screen size.
  • iPhone 12 Pro model is rumored to have LiDAR scanner like iPad Pro
  • iPhone 12 may have the powerful new A14 Bionic chipset seen earlier in iPad Pro launch. A14 Bionic leaked benchmarks show that it is more powerful compared to Snapdragon 865 (the processor seen to be used in all flagship phones of 2020)
  • RAM of Pro and Pro Max models may go up from existing 4 GB to 6GB in the new models
  • iPhone 12 may also support 802.11 ay specifications which will significantly increase content sharing speeds
  • Bad news on the battery, it may significantly decrease from iPhone 11. Disappointed? Well, it is still a rumor, right?
  • Another product that is rumored to launch with iPhone 12 is the Apple AirTags (equivalent / competitor of tile tracker). So anything that you do not want to loose, you clip on the AirTags to it and you can track it using your iPhone.
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