Inspiring women centric Global Punjabi film Buhe Bariyan will hit the cinemas on 15th September

Presented by Distribution Club, film covers a unique theme of quality entertainment and women empowerment.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  Latest Global Punjabi film Buhe Bariyan will hit the screens across the circuit on 15th September. The film based on engaging tale of women empowerment, resilience and power of raising one’s voice.

With a stellar casr, a compelling storline with a fresh perspective, Bule Bariyan is set to deliver an emotional journey that is sure to leave an indelible mark on audience. The story beautifully unfurls the officer’s unyielding commitment to women’s rights and her journey towards becoming a beacon of change in her community . With themes of empowerment , equality and the fight against injustice at its core this buhe bariyan offers a powerful message that transcends border.

For quality entertainment of Pakistani moviegoers, the Distribution Club has organized the release of the international Punjabi film “Buhe Bariyan” which will hit the cinemas across the country on Friday 15th September. The interesting promo has become the attention of fans across the world on social media websites which has been watched and appreciated by millions of fans till now.

According to film circles, “Buhe Bariyan” is an important film regarding women’s rights, in which superstitious ideas and outdated traditions have been brought forward in the context of a simple but interesting story. The film has excellent music and lively dialogues, while the star cast includes renowned international Punjabi artist Neeru Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, Rubina Bajwa, Jitendra Kor and others.

Sheikh Abid Rasheed, Executive Director of Distribution Club, said that “Bomuhe Bariyan” is a complete entertainment film based on an interesting story, Film’s promotion has been formally started.

It will provide quality entertainment to all movie lovers on 15th September.