IBA Karachi plans a transformative journey of academic excellence and intellectual capital

The Executive Director, IBA Karachi apprised the Board of Governors of the future trajectory of the institute

Academic Schools, Registrar Office, ORIC and PDCs identified as four pillars of the IBA

Acquisition of global accreditations and strengthening of industry linkages will be key drivers

The IBA’s technological footprint – Digital IBA – will be an agent of change within the institute

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The IBA Karachi under the leadership of the Executive Director, Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, has set out a comprehensive and a robust plan to steer the institute towards a transformative journey of academic excellence and intellectual capital. Dr. Zaidi presented the Board of Governors (BoG) with a situational analysis of the institute and its future course of action in a recently held meeting at the City campus.

Dr. Zaidi apprised the BoG members that the mainstay of the plan would involve the academic schools, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), and the Professional Development Centers (PDC). These four pillars would provide impetus for all major initiatives related to Teaching, Research, Innovation, Industry linkages, Student services and much more.

At the onset of the year, 3 schools, each with its own Dean, were established in line with international standards and keeping in view the diversity of the degree programmes, courses and the IBA’s expanding student body. Moreover, to enhance the role and leverage the potential of academicians and implement effective policy making, Deans Council and Academic Council were put in place. Akin to this, as part of the academic restructuring, the defunct Office of the Registrar was revamped in August last year which strives to enhance the academic life of the IBA by developing innovative processes and immaculate support services.

The scope and outcomes of ORIC, which is home to four research centers, is being redefined to provide a conducive culture, adequate infrastructure, and an enabling environment for multidisciplinary research through local and international collaboration. In the same vein, the restructuring of trainings imparted at the PDCs through life-long learning programs has also been envisaged. The five PDCs have been offering post-graduate diplomas, short courses, and workshops to thousands of professionals each year.

The ED IBA informed the members that the IBA will be vying for global accreditations in various fields which has become a benchmark for top universities. He highlighted the need for the faculty to remain abreast with the prevalent business environment and work in tandem with the industry to churn out ground-breaking research and create significant social impact.

Later, Dr. Zaidi elucidated the concept of the Digital IBA which would help deliver value to the IBA’s strategic direction. He emphasized that with the aid of digital technologies and change of mindset, a paradigm shift in how we do things at the IBA will take place.


The BoG will closely monitor the progress of the proposed plan through measurable tools and assessment methods. The Deans of the 3 schools also participated as invitees.