IBA Karachi joins UNICON as an Associate Member

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)

The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi is now an Associate Member of The Consortium for University-Based Executive Education (UNICON).

UNICON is a Global Consortium of Business‐School‐Based Executive Education Organizations. It includes a global network of 115 University-Based Executive Education Centers in five continents, IBA being the 115th member. Through participation in UNICON, the leaders, managers, and team members of its member organizations gain new knowledge, inspiration, new perspectives, capabilities for enhancing the effectiveness of their operations, and a global network of colleagues. Other prominent members of the consortium include Harvard Business School, HEC Paris, London Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management and Stanford University.

IBA’s membership with UNICON is believed to further strengthen its position as a leading institution in executive education by fostering global collaborations, facilitating access to cutting-edge insights, and enhancing its ability to provide innovative learning experiences for leaders and organizations. Through this partnership, IBA aims to leverage UNICON’s extensive network and resources to continue delivering excellence in executive education and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

The board members at UNICON expressed enthusiasm for IBA-CEE joining the community, as the active involvement of new members makes the consortium more vibrant.