Huawei Kicks off IP Summit 2022 to Empower Businesses and Discuss Role of IP in Pakistan

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Huawei Pakistan IP Summit2022 took place in Islamabad where ICT experts gathered to discuss the ‘Role of IP in the Digitalization of Pakistan’ and share the latest network technology trends and discover how enterprises can best adapt to the intelligent era based on next-generation networks, algorithms, and AI capabilities. The event was attended byMr. Farhan Haider (CTO Wateen), Mr. Waqar Fazal (Head of IP Network Planning & Optimization PTCL), Mr. Faizan Mahmood (Group CIO Packages Limited), Mr. Jahanzeb Arshad (Vice President Operations Nayatel), Mr. Hamid Mohiuddin (CTO Silicon ST), Mr. Ghayas Anwar, Director FIA, Mr. Liu Gui (Solution VPHuawei Middle East Region), Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, CEO Huawei Cloud, Mr. Muhammad Badar Farooq (Senior Solution Architect Huawei) and other industry leaders and representatives from Huawei.

During the Summit, the renowned industry leaders mentioned above gave keynote speeches, gave demos and also conducted sessions on topics like ‘Autonomous driving networks in the AI era’, ‘Future Trends in IP Networking’, ‘Cloud-Network Express Inspiring B2B New Growth’ and Huawei’s Contribution to the Pakistan IP Industry which led to the company becoming the number one IP leader in Pakistan.

Mr. Liu Gui praised the industry leaders and partners during his keynote speech, “I would like to thank our customers and partners, with your trust, Huawei has won more than 1100 new customers globally in 2022. In Pakistan, customers, the government, finance and education ministry have all started the journey of digital transformation together with Huawei. This would have not been possible without the important infrastructure that is high quality IP network, which Huawei has committed to be on the forefront of globally and in Pakistan.”

Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, talking about Huawei’s contribution and overcome of struggles to become the NO . 1 IP Company in Pakistanhe stated, “The core value of this company is openness and customer centricity, openness to the extent that moving forward, this IP Summit will be a vendor neutral event, where we will discuss the problems, challenges, solutions and the growth of IP. You the customers, are the bosses and we as a company adapt ourselves around you with our strong ecosystem and competitive landscape.”

While addressing in this Summit, Director FIA, Mr. Ghayas Anwar, gave a brief introduction about FIA as an organization and discussed the network pain points they were previously facing, and why FIA needed to upgrade its network, “While other OEMs were trying to pitch us new solutions, Huawei’s dedicated team actually heard our real concerns and addressed our network pain points. FIA has found Huawei’s team to be a true technical advisor rather than just an equipment selling company, additionally the local team was always very cooperative with their customer-centric approach.”

Mr. Jahanzeb Arshad who has unique expertise at operational management of network solutions talked about Going Digital Faster with Wi-Fi 6, “Wi-Fi is everywhere, but there are still more than 33% people who are still dissatisfied with their Wi-Fi speed. The previous generations of Wi-Fi were not able to solve this challenge. However, Wi-Fi 6, the latest standard which matured at the end of 2020 was found capable by companies like Huawei as the way forward which is why we have lots of these devices available in the market. We, as a telecom operator started providing Wi-Fi AP’s since last year, providing Huawei Access Devices to our customers.”

The next session by Mr. Farhan Haider, a renowned expert who aced complex network handlingand was instrumental in determining the course for industry growth as the CTO at Wateen,addressed Cloud-Network Express Inspiring B2B New Growth. He stated on the occasion, “I’d like to thank Huawei for arranging this Summit where all of the country’s experts have gathered to discuss robust solutions and the development of IP.” He also stated, “With the rise virtual reality, the processing speeds of the cloud VR can’t meet the needs of the user. With the digital transformation of the industry, more and more enterprises place services on the cloud.”

Mr. Faizan Mahmood during his presentation about the role of IP in the digitalization of Pakistan stated, “Companies like Huawei, started the concept of the public cloud in Pakistan, which subsequently also brought in private cloud, which changed the ecosystem, we moved from a PC Era to a Cloud Era, this change was also accelerated because of Covid-19. The conversation has moved from talking about virtualizing our servers to talking about virtualizing our networks as well. Connectivity can now happen from anywhere.”

Mr. Hamid Mohiuddin, a seasoned ICT mentor and an integral part of the advancement of technology in the industry was called to talk about the future trends in the IP Industry, “AI is going to impact every corner of the society, not just one or two industry, machine learning and deep learning are both part of artificial intelligence. In the future, Internet of Things will grow as 5G grows. Cloud Computing has gotten attraction in both first world countries as well as in Pakistan, and I can see it growing further, especially with companies like Huawei at the Helm of this development.”

Mr. Badar Farooq, Senior Solution Architect discussed Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) and how ADN can resolves the TCO structure problems of telecom networks with system-level innovations. ADN utilizes network automation, AI, and digital twin technologies to simplify networks and operation, helping operators improve network quality, as well as increase efficiency and Agile Business.

Mr. Waqar Fazal, An IP Guru who has scaled the heights of technological breakthroughs throughout his career. Mr. Waqar holds multiple industry certifications on diverse technologies in the field of IP. He discussed the very exiting topic, “Segment Routing IPv6” (SRv6) which is a next-generation IP bearer protocol that combines Segment Routing (SR) and IPv6. Utilizing existing IPv6 forwarding technology, SRv6 implements network programming through flexible IPv6 extension headers.

Towards the end of the sessions, Mr. Liu and Mr. Shahzad presented tokens of our appreciation the esteemed speakers. The full length video of the keynote speeches can be found on the company’s social media page: