His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Open Inaugural Meeting of the IMCTC Ministers of Defense Council

  • His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman will welcome 41 Ministers of Defense to the inaugural meeting of the IMCTC Ministers of Defense Council, which will be held in Riyadh on 26 November, 2017
  • His Royal Highness will deliver the meeting’s openingaddress signaling the operational launchof the IMCTC, a coalition comprised of 41 Muslim countriesunited in the global fight against terrorism and violent extremism
  • His Royal Highness will emphasize member countries’commitment to unite and coordinate their counter terrorism efforts and join other international initiatives.

Lahore – His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,will openthe Inaugural Meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) Ministers of Defense Council, that will beheld in Riyadh on November 26, 2017. His Royal Highness will deliver the opening remarksat the meeting,which will bring together Ministers of Defense as well asdiplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia.

Lieutenant General Abdulelah Al-Saleh, the IMCTC Acting Secretary General said:

“This meeting marks the official launch of the IMCTC’s operations at our Center in Riyadh. The Center provides an openplatformfor willing IMCTC member countriesto exchange best practices and coordinate their counterterrorism efforts, enabling culturally appropriate regional and local solutions to counter terrorism.”

General Rahil Sharif, the military commander of the IMCTC, said:

“The biggest challenge in the 21st Century, especially in the Muslim world, is confronting the dangerous phenomenon of terrorism. The IMCTC encompasses an integrated approach to coordinate and unite on the four key domains of ideology, communications, counter terrorism financing, and military, in order to fight all forms of terrorism and extremism and to effectively join other international security and peacekeeping efforts.

The IMCTC is a 41-nation pan-Islamic coalition united in the fight against terror. The Inaugural Meeting, held under the theme “Allied Against Terrorism”, will include statementsby Ministers of Defense of IMCTC member countries andkeynote speeches in connection with the IMCTC’s four domains: Ideology, Communications, Counter Terrorist Financing, and Military. In addition, the IMCTC’s Acting Secretary General, Lieutenant General Abdulelah AlSaleh, will outline the Coalition’s strategy, governance, activities and future plans.