Gree introduces new models of air-conditioners

Islamabad – Gree – a globally leading enterprise of air-conditioners has introduced its new models in series of LOMO non-inverter ACs, promising many innovative features. For more eco-friendliness and energy-saving, these highly efficient ACs are filled with R410A Refrigerant. Its innovative technology reduces the chance of ozone layer depletion.
This new series (LM4L/LM8L/LM4L) of Air Conditioners is equipped with six health-filters to ensure a healthy and pure environment, while promising an Energy-Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 3.2, to save maximum energy. It also maintains a stable voltage-supply during voltage-fluctuations, while it can even start with a low voltage of 150V. These ACs are now available in 3 attractive designs. These products reduce electricity consumption and the overall cost of air-conditioning.
The Marketing Manager of DWP Group, official brand partner of Gree in Pakistan stated that: “This new series of LOMO non-inverter ACs will prove to be a revolutionary range of products. We want our conventional units equally beneficial as our inverters. Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has created the most reliable air conditioners, to ensure best performance in the country’s environment and climate.”
There are various brands of ACs available at varying prices; it is evident that the lower-priced air conditioner brands do not provide the high level of performance and reliability promised by Gree.