Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The phrase ‘going pink’ has recently gone from a fashion expression to something entirely different. This month has been all about various shades of pink in the air with many people celebrating strength, survival and advocacy. ‘Pinktober’ is all about bringing about awareness in a unique way so that you don’t miss it.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month means different things to different people. Especially for the people of Pakistan, where talking about sensitive issues is a taboo, women feel very strongly about the subject.

“Cancer is not a joke, it is the most fatal disease there is. What people here don’t understand is that if you don’t have the necessary information needed to fight this battle, you’re going to lose. And no one wants to lose if their life is on the line. We need to step out of our bubble where you cannot even say the words ‘breast’ and ‘cancer’ together aloud”,says Farah Mahmood, coming out of a Pinktober workshop.

Many corporations as well as NGOs highlighted Breast Cancer Awareness Month in their own ways, making sure that women of their organizations were well-informed on the topic. Men and women both attending workshops are educated about not only the consequences of the disease but also how to self-examine for early detection, which can save lives before it is too late.

PTCL, being proud of its women, hosted such a workshop as well with a breast cancer survivor who also enlightened the audience about the implications of hiding such a disease because of fear.