Get Ready to Capture the Moon with all New Infinix Zero X Pro!

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The increased adaption and dependency on technology has led us to search for better devices every now and then. Since smartphones hold a prominent importance among other gadgets, consumers are always ready to shift to better performing phones at any given time. Mainly because a high-performance phone allows them to do more in less time without any hassle. But a solid performance does not qualify for the final purchase. Smartphones need to have some out of the box features other than only performance and style. To be able to capture the moon is one prominent example for out of the box features in a smartphone.

Talking about the moon, Infinix Zero X series offer a separate Moon Photography mode for capturing the moon. One can easily capture any object as far as the moon without cracking pixels from its 60X periscopic zoom combined with a massive camera of 108MP. You can now easily get hands on Infinix Zero X Series – Zero X Pro and Zero X Neo, launching soon in Pakistan.

Infinix Zero X Pro comes with a camera setup of 108MP main camera and 16 MP front camera. It is backed up by Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) which improves picture quality. With new Infinix Zero X Pro taking pictures has become easier. It is centred on capturing high-fidelity moon shots with Special Moon Mode and a 60X periscopic zoom. Taking moon shots will be easier as no matter how many times we zoom it, the picture quality will not be ruined. In short, camera experience has completely got to another level with the appealing features of new Infinix Zero X Series.

Zero X Pro captures every detail from its 108MP camera from your face to the Moon. Taking clear pictures in HD quality was always a dream as at certain point of zooming out a picture or video it cracks out the pixels. But Zero X Series as made it easy for everyone to take more crispy pictures with their own phone without a need for the DSLR.

This stellar device is a perfect choice for anyone as it comes with the most amazing specs one ever wished to have in a phone. And will be launching soon in Pakistan.