German envoy lauds use of clean energy in Pakistani industries

LAHORE – German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler has said that besides terrorism, poverty and other issues there is also positive narrative about Pakistan which need to be highlighted in the western world, especially in Europe.

At the inauguration of the first ever 1 megawatt (MW) solar power plant of Service Industries Limited (SIL) on Thursday, he termed it the positive narrative about Pakistan. “This is my four or fifth week in Pakistan since my appointment here and first visit outside Islamabad. This is very positive and encouraging that Pakistani industries are moving towards the clean environment and alternative energy,” the ambassador said. Kobler vowed lobbying the positive narrative of Pakistan in Europe and Germany. Additionally, he pointed out that election campaign in Germany is started and every contesting party has given part to green energy in their manifesto.

Service Industries Limited CEO Omar Saeed said that the 1MW solar energy system will provide considerable energy cost savings and an annual expected carbon reduction of 517 metric ton. This initiative will bring a change in mindset for the export-oriented sector in Pakistan as the world is rapidly moving towards the environment-friendly products. He said the SIL laid the foundation for green energy in Pakistan and setting an example for industries to follow. The SIL has now become the first organisation in the region to run their footwear plant on solar energy promoting safe, green and clean energy. Beside, the company has planned to installed another similar capacity plant in its another factory within one year.

Reon Energy CEO Mujtaba Haider Khan said that Reon Energy has launched its latest project at SIL. The 1000 kW solar energy system will provide considerable savings in energy costs, along with an expected reduction of 517 tons in the annual carbon emissions. The on-grid solar plant shall also sell excess energy to the grid during downtime. He said that Pakistan is one of the top 10 countries, worst affected by climate change. Eco-friendly initiatives by local manufacturers can slow-down the climate-change process. “This initiative is a wonderful opportunity for SIL’s management and employees to be a part of a change that is so essential for sustainable growth of our nation,” he said.

Such initiatives by local manufacturers can help slow the climate change process. It will also help in reducing the carbon omission which will be positive contribution of the industry for the next generations, he added.