Aga Khan University holds a book launch ceremony for a new global public health title

Karachi (Nut Desk)  The Aga Khan University commemorated the launch of a new book titled “Making Health Systems Work in Low- and Middle-Income Countries” which is a textbook for public health practitioners worldwide. Published by Cambridge University Press, this book is co-edited by public health experts Sameen Siddiqui, Awad Mataria, Katherine D. Rouleau, and Meesha Iqbal and was simultaneously launched in Karachi, Cairo, Cambridge, Toronto, and Houston. The book has been formulated by the contribution of rich authorship spread across the globe with the purpose to serve as a resource and guide for strengthening health systems in low-and middle-income countries. Addressing the audience during the ceremony, Dr Sameen Siddiqi, Professor and Chair of Community Health Sciences Department at the Aga Khan University said, “This book bridges the gap between ‘what’ and ‘how’ health systems need to be strengthened in support of universal health coverage and attainment of health-related SDGs. We believe it will serve as a great resource to build capacity of public health professionals to understand different approaches to assess health systems and identify options for accelerated progress towards universal health coverage and health security in LMICs.” The book emphasizes the importance of an integrated approach across health systems, priority health programmes, and the upstream health determinants for improving population health worldwide.