FreshSabz: An Initiative to Offer Fresh Vegetables with Comfort of Home

Long gone are the days when vendors with their carts used to wander around from street to street to sell vegetables and fruits. The government then changed the policy, and only shops were allowed for the purpose. The carts weren’t prohibited altogether, but they were allowed to stall them at particular places.

Well, both these options created difficulty for buyers as they now have to take time out for buying veggies and fruits. Well, this worry has again been solved as your “sabzi wala” is again at your doorsteps. The only difference is it is a bit advanced now, and you have to place your order online. Freshsabz is the platform that offers you online grocery shopping in Karachi.

How is Different?

You may have done online shopping for clothing and related accessories, but an online grocery store is something new to the market. Well, you find some grocery stores now as the e-commerce industry has gone wide and businesses are more on the web. However, buying vegetables and fruits online is something just a few people practice. That’s what makes a unique online marketplace. Moreover, it is a city-specific store and offers its services in Karachi only. Therefore, you can use it only if you are a Karachiite. Other than that, you will find affordable prices here as they are just as same as the market price.

What to Buy at

Since it’s a new store, the product list is confined to three main categories only. You can buy vegetables, fruits, and breakfast items for now. Further categories will be added with time as the team is dedicated to providing all the grocery items to your doorsteps. However, the available groups cover a wide range of products, including almost everything you need for your daily life. You are always in need of veggies and other basic ingredients for your mundane cooking, and makes it easy for you. has made the lives of Karachiites a lot simpler than before. Since they provide door to door services in each corner of the city, it has become the first choice for people to buy. However, you have to order a day before you want it delivered, as the process of order confirmation and delivery takes a day.

How to Order at

Shopping at is just like buying at other online stores. You have to select a category you need to shop from, and then have a look at the entire product range. Choose the one you need to buy and add it to the cart. It will take just two three hours for your order to be delivered to your doorsteps. However, it may also take a few more hours if you live in a remote area as Karachi is a big city and it has a lot of traffic and road hassle. Shopping at will save you money as you have to pay only for the items and delivery charges (that are minimal). You neither have to spend on additional fuel cost nor do you have to go through the hustle and bustle of Karachi’s traffic.