Esports Marketing Pakistan Presents CS-GO 5v5 “The Last Ride”

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

As e-sports are gaining popularity and recognition in various countries around the world, Pakistan is also witnessing the emergence of a vibrant e-gaming culture. Fast Sports HD Pakistan’s best Sports Channel and Tapmad, the country’s leading OTT platform, has forged a strategic partnership with E-Sports Marketing Pakistan, the pioneer of e-sports advertising/marketing in the country, to bring more thrilling and engaging e-gaming events to the Pakistani audience.

The currently from these events is an online tournament for the game CSGO titled as CS-GO 5v5 The Last Ride, where gamers and teams from all over Pakistan, including some of the top players in the country, will compete for glory and prizes. The tournament will be live streamed on Esports Marketing and Tapmad platforms, and will be broadcasted live on Fast Sports, with commentary by the renowned esports caster Arhum Rasul – The Low FPS dude. Esports Marketing Pakistan also invites other local organizations, investors, brands, and ad agencies to join them in their mission to foster the growth of the e-sports industry in the country. For more details, please visit their Facebook Page – Esports Marketing Pakistan

According to Majid Hameed, the founder of Esports Marketing Pakistan, their goal is to elevate Pakistan’s e-sports industry and highlight the country’s talented gamers to the world. He specifically mentioned Arslan Ash, a renowned Pakistani e-sports player known as “The King,” to exemplify the talent present in the country. Majid Hameed believes that the e-sports industry in Pakistan should actively promote this cause for further growth and recognition.

Tapmad Entertainment, one of the leading online/digital services in Pakistan, has become a premium partner of Esports Marketing Pakistan. This partnership is a natural fit as the e-sports teams and gamers are already avid users of the service, which creates a very authentic and loyal relationship.

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