Engro Foods’ Sponsored School is Raising Literacy in Sahiwal

Empowerment through Quality Education

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) – Along with the multiple projects to create better livelihood opportunities for the dairy farmers in different districts across Pakistan, Engro Foods Limited (EFL) has also taken up the responsibility of increasing the literacy levels in Pakistan. Over the past seven years, a Government Boys School adopted by Engro Foods in Sahiwal, has had a substantial impact on the quality of education in that region. Besides the other improvements, EFL donated desktops and equipped this school with computers and newer technologies that are now easily accessible for the students.

The Government Boys Primary School, situated in Sahiwal, was sponsored by Engro Foods Limited (EFL) in early 2011. Since then, the level of education provided at the school has improved significantly and consistently. In 2011, this school had a total number of 180 students. Due to the higher quality of this institution, this enrollment figure has grown to 480 students within a short span of only 7 years. This was achieved by making generous investments to improve the academic systems and train the faculty at the institution.

Engro Foods Limited operates with a broader vision of giving back to the community. The Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director of Engro Foods Limited—Mr. Naveed Saeed spoke about this initiative; “Engro Foods Limited is committed to nurture a more empowered Pakistan and a sustainable economy, where the industries and the people can progress more swiftly. This Literacy-Initiative will empower the youth, by helping them improve their literacy and unleash their potential for economic productivity and social compatibility to lead Pakistan towards a brighter future.”

Since EFL pursues an elaborate policy for nurturing socio-economic development of the communities it serves, over the years, it has successfully completed numerous valuable initiatives to play a vital role in accelerating the socio-economic growth of Pakistan. It believes in uplifting the society, through innovative projects that can help resolve the various issues faced by the society.