Engro Fertilizers to Plant 1 Million Trees

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir Engro Fertilizers Limited plans to nurture one million trees in Daharki to pursue its vision of Green Pakistan. The project intends to reduce carbon foot print and play a vital role in combating climate change in the region.

For this purpose Engro Fertilizers has joined hands with Sindh Forest Department to utilize the two hundred (200) acres of barren land of Sindh Forest Department to nurture one million trees.

The project was initiated in May, 2018 when MoU was signed with Sindh Forest Department to grow 1 million trees in Sindh Forest Department land near Ghotki. The program was divided into two phases & the first phase covered plantation of 500,000 trees which is currently in progress.

Engro Fertilizers under its “One Million Tree Project” has successfully grown 300,000 saplings within the nursery through certain innovations. “The nursery has helped them to plant and sustain different local species of neem, sukh chain, mulberry, keekar, and sheesham in Mirpur Mathelo and other nearby areas said Muhammad Azhar Malik, Manager HSE&T Engro Fertilizers.

Phase two of the project will be initiated next year & plantation will be carried out in March-2019 informed Azhar Malik, Manager HSE department of Engro Fertilizers. “The survival rate of the nursery environment is hundred percent”, said Divisional Forest Officer, Sindh Forest Department Mr. Ziadullah Laghari.

The project also ensures the involvement of Engro community by encouraging them to plant trees. “Involvement of community is significant towards making an initiative successful and is a core value of our corporate culture, which we can clearly see from the engagement of all employees and their families”, said Asif Tajik, Sr. Vice President Engro Fertilizers Limited.

Beyond the call of their duties, many employees have also been active in year-round activities of plantation to make Sindh & Pakistan green. Engro is committed to do similar projects every year & the program will help in promoting a green healthy environment for the local communities and restoration of ecosystem for wildlife.