Edexcel-Pearson recognizes young scientist

Lahore – Edexcel-Pearson recognized the achievement of young Pakistani
Scientist, Muhammad Shaheer Niazi for his research on Electric
Honeycomb. At present, he is doing his A-Levels from Lahore College of
Arts and Sciences (LACAS), Johar Town which is also Edexcel-Pearson
approved academic centre in Lahore and every year this centre stands
in the rows of distinctions at various levels.

Muhammad Shaheer is the first high school student from Pakistan who
managed to photograph the movement of ions that forms the honeycomb
besides recording the heat found on the surface of oil.

In recognition of his achievement in scientific world, being the teen
scientist Pearson awarded him a recognition award in Lahore.

On the occasion, Ms. Premila Paulraj, Director Asia, Edexcel-Pearson,
I am pleased to present a small token of appreciation to Muhammad
Shaheer on his achievement at this tender age. The students of
Pakistan are truly energetic and can do wonders if provided learning
opportunities. Pearson will ensure its continuous collaboration with
academic institutions across the country.

Dr. David Davies, International Education Consultant, Pearson said,
students like Muhammad Shaheer are a privilege for Pearson and this is
obviously proud moment for all of us. We are enthusiastic to see more
students from different fields to come forward and focus on research.
It is ensured that, schools teach new grading scale qualifications to
the students to enable greater differentiation of students.