Digital storytelling takes new turn … Now in Pakistan

Digital story telling
Digital story telling

NUT Blogger (MAD)

Storytelling has different culture in different parts of the world geographically. The tradition of storytelling starts from Greek civilization where it was considered an art and the orators had special status in society at that time. The Greek mythology is full of this art.

In our land (Pakistan) we can say it started from Indo-Aryan and Iranian mythology in the shape of various folklores while in Punjab Heer Waris Shah, known for its literary and cultural value, is the notable and substantive example of storytelling art.

With the advent of IT revolution, storytelling is taking a new turn in all fields of life, especially in educational and digital world where a new generation has become compatible with click-and-call culture.

Keeping in view the above changes in our social setup, the Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) and RINSTRA Technologies have signed a MoU with Pakistan for educational and digital storytelling skills development.

The agreement would enable digital skills through interactive workshops, seminars, and courses, with RINSTRA providing its state-of-the-art platform for digital documentary film fests and theme-based video competitions.

Both the organisations will work on improving digital storytelling techniques and creative thinking in students, helping them look at issues and challenges around them from a narrative perspective.

The organizations were also agreed to create research opportunities in the space of MediaTech.

Pakistan-Rinstra joint venture will help students test their digital storytelling ideas and creative expressions with a hope to generate new ideas around social challenges and economic opportunities through content competitions and documentary film festivals. Through this collaboration, RINSTRA will create short-form storytelling techniques i e movies, dramas, music videos, theater, documentaries and videos for RINSTRA and other digital platforms. RINSTRA will be the gateway for Pakistani content and talent to the local and international media markets and digital platforms.

The state-of-the-art RINSTRA platform allows content creators to discover, create, showcase, and monetize their content creation and creative pursuits.

The organisation provides entrepreneurship opportunities to emerging and established content creators and film makers in Pakistan and beyond. RINSTRA gives content creators access to a large Pakistani community around the globe, and it has been able to create a unique platform that offers dramas and films, while enabling users to generate their own content on the same platform.

It also has a feature for Content Competition where, more than 100 academic institutions in the country are competing on various thematic areas.

The fest feature of the application has provided some of the leading Film Festivals to partner with RINSTRA for digital viewing of their films and documentaries.

This has created an unprecedented experience for viewers in the country. Creative and independent content with premier shows and films can be accessed on RINSTRA by visiting their website.