Dellson Group to help Nepal form freelancers’ association

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Dellsons Group has signed an agreement with the Nepal
Internet Foundation to build the freelancing ecosystem in Nepal,
including a nationwide association, capacity-building programs, and
conferences for freelancers.

Chairman of Dellsons Group Ibrahim Amin said, “We have gained
tremendous expertise to facilitate freelancers in Pakistan along with
collaboration with various stakeholders, including commercial banks,
broadband internet providers, and universities, which ultimately
empower freelancers and enhance their contribution to the economy of
South Asia. And now, we are delighted to share the expertise with the
regional country.”

President Nepal Internet Foundation Bikram Shrestha said accessibility
to the Internet is indispensable for every country to adopt it for
faster growth in the economy; hence, our think tank is committed to
introducing every essential and emerging trend among the masses in
Nepal. There is immense potential for the youth of Nepal to contribute
to the national economy while providing services to their clients on
global freelancing platforms.

In Nepal, young people account for approximately 20.8 percent of the
total population of the country (age group 16–25 years), while 40.68
percent of the population lies in the age group 16–40.

CEO of Dellsons Group, Tufail Ahmed Khan, said, “Freelancing is the
emerging way of earning money in South Asian economies in the last few
years, which needs talents in a multitude of fields. The
representation of freelancers in any country is essential to
advocating their rights and addressing issues and challenges at a
national level. Similar to Pakistan, Dellson will build a
national-level platform for freelancers in Nepal to support South
Asian countries and their human talent.

Besides the formation of a freelancers’ body, the group will also
engage different corporations in the public and private sectors to
help them promote the digital economy and establish remittance
channels in Nepal with different countries.