Dawlance unveils new refrigerators, ACs

Lahore – Dawlance, Pakistan’s No.1 home appliances brand, has unveiled its LVS Plus refrigerators and proActive inverter air conditioners series, which aim to cut down on energy usage. In recent times, Dawlance has prioritized provision of relief to consumers battling rising energy costs, especially during sweltering summers by introducing home appliances, which conserve energy, reduce electricity bills and work on low and fluctuating voltages.

In case of the proActive inverter air conditioners series, the electricity cost-savings can accumulate to Rs 26,000 per annum, while the LVS Plus refrigerators can reduce electricity bills by 23% and give superior performance on low voltages.

Dawlance’s Head of Marketing, Hasan Jamil, explaining the brand’s intent behind the launch of the two products, said, “The frequent power breakdowns have burdened Pakistan’s economy while rising costs are a cause of concern in every household. Being a responsible Pakistani brand, we wanted to be part of the solution. Hence, the creative spark for our LVS Plus refrigerators and proActive inverter air conditioners series stemmed from the desire to lower costs for consumers, and to serve the community by conserving energy while inspiring others to do the same.”

“Our products feature modern designs, while simultaneously being equipped with impressive technical features. Both the air conditioner and refrigerator series feature unique designs, capable of sustaining low voltages down to 155 volts and 135 volts respectively. Therefore, these unique products do not need a stabilizer to protect themselves from voltage fluctuations and can also run on generators.”