Dawlance launches the latest e-Commerce website for unmatched convenience

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) At a time, where the whole of humanity is making unified efforts to fight against a pandemic, by ensuring social-distancing, a lockdown has also been enforced by the Pakistan government to protect its people. However, there is an opportunity in every challenge and the current situation has also unleashed the tremendous potential of digital connectivity. It is enabling the world to communicate and work cohesively, sharing real-time information and moving rapidly towards e-Commerce, on a much larger scale.

Dawlance – the leading producer of home-appliances in Pakistan, is a highly innovative and progressive enterprise, which has taken an exemplary initiative at this most suitable time. In order to provide the people with high quality electronic products, at their doorstep, with unmatched convenience, Dawlance has launched its highly advanced e-Commerce facility by creating a user-friendly website. The consumers can simply place orders for their favourite appliances, round-the-clock, from the comfort of their homes, or even on-the-go. The products are delivered right at their doorstep, while the buyer doesn’t need to leave their home.

 With modern and aesthetically designed layout, the website is made while keeping consumer journey in mind. Interestingly the website is carrying along the www.dawlance.com.pk legacy URL which everyone is already accustomed to. Overall website is divided into corporate and product section which fulfils the purpose of specific website visitors. Additionally, the home page has direct category tabs, access to media, new arrivals and most importantly a live chat widget which will be active 24/7 where queries will be looked after by community management team. Most importantly, considering that 74 million people in Pakistan have 3G or 4G connection and Dawlance has 80% mobile visitors the website is mobile responsive.

One of the most important sections incorporated in the new website is the SHOP NOW section, which is the utmost need of the hour for consumers. Dawlance consumers can now buy their favourite DAWLANCE appliance from the comfort of their living rooms either on COD or debit/credit card without any hassle. This is a much-needed feature that will greatly help Dawlance serve its customers at all times.

‘Life at Dawlance’ is another exciting page, highlighting info-tainment activities, awareness events held by Dawlance, to reflect the fun-side of the brand. It also tells the world about the personal achievements and passions of the Dawlance personnel. While the “About us” section provides a deeper understanding of the vision, objectives, corporate philosophy, investments, research and social-contributions of Dawlance and its leadership. Therefore, this website provides insights and inspiration to our domestic-consumers, corporate customers, export-clients, employees and all other stakeholders of the industry, about Dawlance as a responsible and sustainable enterprise, with great contributions towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan, for over 40 years now.

Arçelik – the largest enterprise in Turkey & 3rd largest manufacturer in Europe, took over Dawlance in 2016, with an initial investment of more than 36 Million Euros, followed by well over 16 million Euros of investments, by the year 2019. It has already enabled rapid expansions and competitive advantage, in production-machinery, technology-research, product-development and brand-building capacity. This global collaboration promises tremendous enrichments in Dawlance’s access to investments, resources and R&D expertise backed with multi-national experience. It inspires more robust performance and a broader vision, with strict compliance to global standards of quality, safety and energy-conservation.

Last year, Dawlance had also pioneered an ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT) platform, through a powerful mobile-app named – SYNC, to bring revolutionary convenience in Pakistan. This enables all forms of electronic hardware in appliances and devices to communicate and interact with each other, over the Internet. So, the consumers can remotely monitor and control all their electronic products, on-the-go.

 For more details, log on to www.dawlance.com.pk.