Dawlance launches a new series of powerful inverter air conditioners

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir Dawlance is Pakistan’s leading brand of reliable home appliances. Established since 1980, it has entered an international collaboration with Arcelik AS – a global leader in appliances. Dawlance has now launched a powerful new series of air conditioners with the latest inverter technologies, to promise great performance with electricity-conservation of Rupees 30,000 per year.

This attractive range of airconditioners comprises of 4 different models namely: Powercon Inverter, Enercon Inverter, Sprinter Inverter and Cruise Pro Inverter. While boasting the most advanced, environment-friendly technologies, these AC’s are also enriched with a Gas-Leakage Detection feature and 100% Copper Connecting-pipes, to ensure complete safety, while being absolutely Fire-Proof. Wider Voltage Range stability (150V-260V) make these products highly efficient.

The Powercon Inverter Series is designed for powerful cooling performance Long Air-Throw. Its Gold Fin component provides Anti-rust and corrosion protection to prolong the product’s life. It is also enriched with a Refrigerant-Leakage Detection feature, a Fire-Proof Control Box and high-efficiency Tubing, along with Heat & Cool Functions.Powercon Inverter ACs are available with capacities of 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 tons.

The Enercon Inverter Series features an Elegant Glass Design with efficient cooling & wide Voltage-Range Stability, high-efficiency Tubing enlarges the heat transfer area & increases its Cooling & Heating performance. Its Gold Fin component ensures protection from corrosion and rust. This model is also available in capacities of 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 tons.

The Sprinter Inverter Series from Dawlance is also a high performance AC unit, which provides Quick Cooling and Long Air-throw, with Durability and Safety. Here too, the Auto Refrigerant Leakage-Detection & Fire-Proof control system makes it safe for the whole family. It is available in capacities of 0.75 ton, 1 ton and 1.5 ton.

Another masterpiece from Dawlance is the Cruise Pro Inverter Series. This model boasts a premium, big Indoor design, enriched with Elegant-Glass, while its Long Air-Throw ensures quick cooling performance. Its Self-Cleaning Evaporator function promises hassle-free management of the product. The Cruise Pro Inverter series is available in capacities of 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Tons.

The Head of Marketing at Dawlance – Hasan Jamil stated that: “It is a proud moment for Dawlance-Arcelik, as we have unveiled the most innovative range of Inverter Air Conditioners that offer unmatchable cooling”. Adding on, the Category Head for Air Conditioners Mr. Suleman Tariq further added that “the new range offers unmatched cooling and heating performance, along with great energy-conservation. These products use environment-friendly materials and refrigerants to eliminate harmful emissions. So, all in all, it is a must-buy inverter series!!”

Being a reliable and environment friendly brand – Dawlance offers diverse product-lines to perform 3 different functions; Food Care, Fabric Care and Home Care. The appliances manufactured at Dawlance’s 3 factories in Pakistan and distributed through its nationwide retail and service network include; refrigerators, freezers, micro-wave ovens, small kitchen appliances, washing machines and air conditioners.