CEO CBD Punjab Strees Walton Railway Crossing Flyover Project Toward Triumph

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA)], also known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), is set to accomplish a significant milestone in its infrastructure development project.

According to CEO Imran Amin, CBD Punjab is on track to complete placement of 23 girders within an ambitious timeframe of three working days at the Walton Railway Crossing. With 120 girders already in place, CBD Punjab is poised to intensify its efforts to swiftly conclude the remaining structural components of the flyover. Following productive discussions with Pakistan Railways, it has been mutually agreed upon that CBD Punjab will undertake construction activities during the window of midnight to 6 am for three consecutive days. This strategic decision allows CBD Punjab to focus on the most complex section of the flyover, the Walton railway crossing, ensuring expedited progress while minimizing disruptions to daily commuter traffic and train schedule.

Emphasizing the urgency of the project, CEO Imran Amin affirmed CBD Punjab’s commitment to working tirelessly, even during nighttime hours, to meet project deadlines and deliver on its promises. The dedication of the entire CBD Punjab team underscores their determination to enhance the region’s infrastructure and address pressing transportation challenges. In addition to the progress on the flyover, CBD Punjab has achieved another milestone by completing the asphalt work on CBD Route 47 up to the MSC wall slope, which will seamlessly connect the flyover to CBD Punjab Route 47. This crucial development will provide a direct and efficient route from Walton Road to the Main Boulevard Gulberg, significantly alleviating traffic congestion and improving the overall flow of vehicular movement in the area.

CEO Imran Amin expressed his optimism about the positive impact of the project’s completion, stating, “The successful culmination of the Walton Railway Crossing Flyover will facilitate swift access from Walton Road to the Main Boulevard Gulberg, effectively mitigating traffic congestion and enhancing traffic flow in the region.” CBD Punjab remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering infrastructure projects that foster economic growth, enhance connectivity, and improve the quality of life for residents and commuters alike.