Lahore (Nut Desk)

On World Environment Day, CBD Punjab reaffirms its dedication to protecting and preserving the environment through a series of impactful initiatives. As the only LEED-certified project in Pakistan, CBD Punjab is setting new benchmarks for sustainable development in the region. Among its notable environmental efforts, CBD Punjab has successfully replanted trees with a remarkable 100% growth rate, showcasing their commitment to enhancing green cover and biodiversity. Additionally, around 20,000 plants have been planted near Kalma Chowk and in CBD Punjab Lahore Prime Quaid District, significantly contributing to the city’s green infrastructure. CBD Punjab has also dedicated 70% of its area to green spaces, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable environment for the community. In a bid to conserve water resources, the project has constructed rainwater harvesting tanks, supporting water conservation and helping manage urban runoff and mitigate flood risks. Furthermore, CBD Punjab has planted a Miyawaki forest in the CBD Punjab Bab District and developed special green spaces in Pakistan’s first and biggest IT city, CBD NSIT City. This year’s World Environment Day theme, ‘land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience,’ resonates strongly with CBD Punjab’s mission. Imran Amin, CEO of CBD Punjab, emphasized the project’s commitment, stating, “At CBD Punjab, we believe that sustainable development is not just an option but a responsibility. Our initiatives reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship and our dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for Pakistan. As we celebrate World Environment Day, we are proud to lead by example and demonstrate that economic growth and environmental preservation can go hand in hand.” CBD Punjab’s LEED certification underscores its adherence to global standards for sustainability and environmental performance, highlighting the project’s innovative approach to integrating eco-friendly practices into urban development. As part of the World Environment Day celebrations, CBD Punjab encourages the community to join hands in their efforts to protect the environment. By working together, we can ensure a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for generations to come.