Carrefour Pakistan installs disinfectant gates at all stores

Carrefour Pakistan installs disinfectant gates at all stores to protect its shoppers and staff amid the growing Coronavirus threat

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Carrefour, operated in Pakistan by Majid Al Futtaim has implemented strict hygiene and safety protocols across all its stores in the country to protect its shoppers and staff from this global pandemic. In addition to the earlier implemented safety and hygiene measures which included ongoing cleaning of floors in areas with fresh foods, twice daily cleaning of all walls and work surfaces and daily cleaning of all equipment, Carrefour Pakistan has recently installed disinfectant gates at the entrance of all its stores in Pakistan, being another important safety and hygiene measure to help control the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan.

Additionally, employees have been asked to sanitise their hands every hour, and as an extra precaution in customer contact areas, hand sanitiser dispensers have been stationed for shoppers at the entrance, fresh food sections and at cash counters. Masks and gloves have also been provided to all employees stationed at fresh food sections, including the bakery, while designated members have been deputed to specific tasks of disinfecting trolley handles after each use once they’re returned to the parking bays. For all online orders, it is being ensured that the delivery drivers and food packers abide by strict hygiene standards by wearing gloves and masks for customer safety. All these measures are inline with guidelines issued by public health authorities to protect the shoppers.

Carrefour continues to ensure that both its physical and digital stores remain operational and fully stocked to provide customers with what they need when they need it during this challenging crisis. Despite an uptick in demand of cleaning and sanitisation products, supply chain is being rigorously equipped to deliver essential products to the customers. All efforts are being made to maintain the prices while valued customers are also being encouraged to shop responsibly based on their needs, as there is enough supply for everyone. Carrefour Pakistan remains committed to supporting its suppliers and providing its customers with the best and freshest food options possible, despite the ongoing challenges.

Jean Marc Dumont, Country Manager of Carrefour Pakistan at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, commented: “In these challenging times, we are trying our best to safely facilitate the daily needs of our customers by keeping our stores operational and  maintaining highest standards of hygiene and precaution. We request all our customers to remain calm during this crisis and continue with their routine activities while taking precaution as advised by public health authorities.”

Carrefour is conscientiously monitoring the situation to respond to any evolving needs of its customers in a timely manner while the situation further intensifies in Pakistan.