“Both Sit in Silence for a While” collaboration of the European Union.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

OLOMOPOLO Media is officially showcasing its hit theatrical production, “Both Sit In Silence For a While” featuring renowned actors Ali Junejo and Rasti Farooq at Gallery 11, PNCA in Islamabad. The play is a dark comedy written, directed, and co-produced by Ali Junejo. Having garnered great success in Karachi and Lahore, the play is now being performed in Islamabad, with the collaboration of the European Union.

‘Both Sit in Silence for a While’ guarantees spectators an edge-of-your-seats experience they would not want to miss.

Voicing his take on the play Junejo states that, “‘Both Sit In Silence For A While’ is a play born of many little musings and maybe some reflection. All the fun ‘what if’s’ I could throw at these two, I chucked at them mercilessly. To see what would happen.” Junejo started his career as a theater artist in Karachi. His previous performances include, ‘Waiting for Godot’, ‘Dead End’ and ‘Equus’. Junejo then made his film debut in Saim Sadiq’s international award-winning film ‘Joyland’, bagging two best actor awards.

Rasti Farooq, who acts alongside Junejo and is also the co-producer of this play comments, “Both Sit In Silence For A While tickles that part of my brain that wants to see people be unreasonable and merciless with one another. Because oftentimes that’s the place where most of us hide in our most private moments. It’s been a supreme joy traversing that space with Ali.” Applauded for her commendable acting, Farooq has performed in various plays and short films including ‘Stand Alone’, ‘Gidh’ and ‘May I Have This Seat?’ She made her feature film debut in with Junejo in ‘Joyland’.

Co-producer Kanwal Khoosat comments, “Join us for when words are more than we wanted yet less than what we need! OLOMOPOLO is breaking barriers as usual bringing you an unconventional story, an intimate audience experience, and a boundary-bending take on being coupled”.

On the collaboration, H.E. Dr. Riina Kionka, The Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan comments, “The European Union supports art and culture in Pakistan and globally as part of our commitment to promoting cultural diversity and fostering mutual understanding between people of different backgrounds. We believe that it can help to foster a sense of shared identity and belonging, to build bridges between different communities based on mutual recognition and respect.”