Bestway receives 6th Annual CSR Awards

 ISLAMABAD – Bestway Cement Limited has once again been recognised for its contributions and efforts towards the environmental and social responsibility in Pakistan.

Bestway received this recognition at National Forum for Environment & Health’s 6th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2017 recently held in Islamabad.

The categories commended were Education & Scholarships, Green Energy Initiatives, Community Development & Services and Vocational Trainings.

The participants of the awards were the leading local and multinational firms of Pakistan, who are at the helm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in Pakistan. The awards are yet another milestone for Bestway Cement and a testament of its endeavours to strengthen lives.

Bestway plays an active part in the socio-economic development of local communities such as improving access to health services and education, taking part in urban development, environmental conservation programmes and helping create businesses and jobs.

The company regularly gives generous financial grants to various educational and health institutions in addition to the scholarships, which are provided to a large number of talented students throughout the country. Free and quality education is being provided to hundreds of boys & girls through Bestway Foundation School in Tatral, District Chakwal, and Farah Pervez College for Girls in Tehsil Gujjar Khan.

Bestway offers regular monthly stipends to a large number of widows and indigents of the local communities. Free dispensaries have also been established at all plants, providing free medical facilities to thousands of patients every year from the surrounding areas. Substantial contributions are also made towards various welfare causes such as flood relief activities and projects of social and communal uplift.

Environment-friendly waste heat recovery power plants have been installed at all production sites of Bestway, reducing reliance on the national grid and producing zero greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Bestway plants are not only ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System (EMS) certified, meeting stringent environmental quality standards prescribed by EPA, Pakistan, but also surpass both national and international standards for emissions. As part of environment conservation campaigns, more than 100,000 trees and plants are also sown every year in and outside the factory premises.

Bestway places great importance on the training, development and education of its personnel. At any given time, Bestway employs more than 100 trainee engineers, management trainees and apprentices who undergo intensive training at various departments, some of whom are later retained in the Company, while others move on to other industries where they successfully build upon the robust foundation provided to them at Bestway Cement Limited for the advancement of their careers and contributing towards the development of the country.