Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus holds event showcasing sustainable fashion talent of its students

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

The Beanconhouse School System, Jubilee Campus in its pursuit to conserve the environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle held an event to showcase the creative fashion accomplishments of its students fully based on recyclable material. The event held at the Jubilee Campus of the Beaconhouse School System marked the launching of “The Green Raiment” the first-ever sustainable fashion brand launched by any school in Pakistan.

The event displayed 61 elegant dresses and over 100 chic accessories made of 100 per cent recyclable material. The recyclable products showcased the hard work of the Beaconhouse students that continued for almost a year.

All the products on display at the exhibition including souvenirs are made of recyclable material. “Our effort is aimed at making our students adopt a socially responsible and sustainable lifestyle as by producing all these products they have learnt that their fashion practices should be caring for the environment,” said the Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus Principal, Tabinda Raza on the occasion. “This activity would go a long way in helping our students learn about the importance of recycling and reuse of material for producing elegant fashion and lifestyle products for everyday use,” she said.

The event brought light to the harsh ramifications of fast fashion and helped perpetuate means to counter these hazardous consequences.

The prominent guests of the event included Uzma Munaf the CEO of Sana Safinaz, Huma Adnan the CEO of CraftStory FNKAsia, Amneh Sheikh the CEO and founder of Polly and Other Stories, Asiah Seemab the Head of the School of Fashion and Design at the Indus Valley of Arts and Architecture. They appreciated the keen interest shown by the Beaconhouse students in promoting sustainable fashion trends in the country. They said that students of other schools in the country should follow in the footsteps of Beaconhouse pupils who had practically demonstrated their creative and tailoring genius based on sustainable fashion.

The event officially commenced with an apt and well-narrated presentation which accentuated the harms of fast fashion and the crucial need for sustainable fashion’s growth and development. The whole event circled around the paramount magnitude of acquainting Pakistan with sustainable fashion.

The students who took part in the activity said that they had learnt from the event that sustainable fashion reduces environmental impact, improves social conditions, encourages mindful consumption, and supports local communities. “Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus believes that a change altruistic in nature, whether it is big or small is needed. It is needed to ameliorate the world. Sustainable Fashion is not a trend, it is a responsibility,” said the Principal.

The sustainable fashion products on display stood for conserving our environment, lives, and future, she added. This event was greatly successful in bringing attention towards sustainable fashion and in showing the world that sustainable clothes are equally stylish and sophisticated.