BankIslami Rises to the Skies with Pakistan International Airlines

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) BankIslami, Pakistan’s leading Islamic Bank, partnered with Pakistan International Airline (PIA) to co-brand their aircrafts, taking BankIslami’s visibility up a notch. The national carrier proudly features BankIslami headrests and pillow covers in all flights allowing customers to be acquainted with BankIslami.

PIA serves 43 destinations operating 100 flights a day, making it the airline with the largest number of connections and the carrier of choice for people travelling to and from Pakistan. 

BankIslami is taking this partnership opportunity to raise its brand image and recognition as one of the country’s premier finance institutes and this promising collaboration between two pioneers in their respective domains is guaranteed to be mutually beneficial. 

Commenting on this development, BankIslami President and CEO, Syed Amir Ali stated; “At a time when providing simple mediums for financial inclusion to the masses has become imperative, BankIslami is making sure that this access is technologically-adept and Shariah-compliant.

Our product offerings are substantial and through this association with PIA, we aim to grab the attention of travelers to explore the convenience, security and peace of mind that comes with what BankIslami, as an organization has to offer.”

BankIslami is the country’s first scheduled Islamic Bank with more than 340 branches spread across the country in 123 cities. The Bank specializes in RIBA-free products and services which are delivered to customers in the most efficient and user-friendly manner.