As Corona Dies Out, Pakistanis Are Getting Ready to Travel

It can be said without a doubt that COVID-19 had an enormous impact on the global travel and tourism industry. According to UNWTO data there are more than 120 million tourism jobs at risk with the total damage likely to exceed $ 1 trillion this year alone. However, as some countries like the USA, UK, India and Brazil struggle to contain the virus, many countries including Pakistan are witnessing significant decrease in active cases and COVID-19 related fatalities due to efficient data-driven measures undertaken by the governments. Continued decline in cases has led the Pakistani aviation industry to re-start normal operations.

CAA has issued strict SOPs at all airports to protect the wellbeing of travelers including maintenance of on-board inventory of PPEs and prior disinfection of the aircraft. For international flights boarding passes shall be issued with a gap of at least one adjacent seat. The effective countering of coronavirus spread and the resultant rapidly declining cases have prompted several international and domestic airlines to resume operations. British Airways after resuming its flight operations to Islamabad is now seeking permission to resume flights to Lahore in a fresh sign of increased confidence in Pakistan’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic.  Serene Air has gone back to its regular domestic flight schedule and is also expected to launch its UAE operations as well.

Meanwhile Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and Gulf Air have resumed flight operations from Pakistan and the response from Pakistani travelers has been amazing., Pakistan’s biggest travel portal recorded 300X more sales as compared to earlier COVID peak months and is gearing up to cater to the rapidly rising demand.

In another heartening news that is going to shake the Pakistani aviation industry, Virgin Airlines is all set to fly to Pakistan in December and advance bookings will start from September for European routes. 

All this is good news for the Pakistani travelers and the aviation industry. If you are looking to travel now then now is a good time to book your ticket instantly on and save big on travel expenses.