Android 12 expected to launch on October 4th

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

The upcoming mobile operating system Android 12 will be available for the public from October 4, this year. The date has been given by the chief editor of XDA Developers Mashaal Rahman on his Twitter account.

“The Android 12 stable update may be released on October 4, as that’s when Google plans to release to AOSP,” Rahman tweeted.

He added: “This tentative release date was also mentioned by a 3PL,” he stated.

The XDA employee has also shared some details about Google’s plans. The current stable Android version is Android 11, which was released last year on September 8.

Earlier, there were reports of Android applications being integrated into the latest Windows 11. This meant that the users can find them from Microsoft Store.

In August, Google had announced that it has blocked its sign-in support for the decade-old Android Gingerbread software citing security reasons as its reason. It meant that ageing Android phones and tablets that had Android 2.3.7 or older was stopped from signing in to Google apps and services, Google announced.

Gingerbread was made public back in 2010, and it supported a variety of features such as NFC, multi-camera setup. It also became the first Android Easter egg.