Aman HealthCare Services organizes Emergency Medical Services Seminar at Karachi Press Club

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) A seminar on Emergency Medical Services was organized by Aman Healthcare Services at the Karachi Press Club today. The seminar aimed at creating wider awareness in the media community of the critical importance of emergency medical services and the role Aman has played in this area for the past 10 years. The event also included a demonstration and on the spot basic training in lifesaving skills for the participants, keeping in mind that a medical emergency can happen anywhere and in anyone’s home, and knowing basic lifesaving skills can actually save precious lives while people are waiting for an ambulance to reach.  

Aman Foundation’s CEO, Mujahid Khan, GM Khaqan Sikander and Aman Health’s CEO, Shazina Masud, addressed the media, on operational and other aspects of emergency medical services, with a focus on the importance of life-saving ambulances in Karachi’s healthcare infrastructure. The speakers also highlighted the recently signed agreements with the Government of Sindh and Patients Aid Foundation, based on which the ambulance service will become free-of-cost for all citizens and the fleet will gradually be expanded to 200 lifesaving ambulances under a public private framework to cater to the entire population of Karachi.

It was pointed out that emergencies are reported every two minutes in the city on a daily basis. It is crucial that these emergencies are catered by lifesaving ambulances specifically as these have the facilities and equipment necessary to provide adequate medical attention on the spot. Paramedics present inside these ambulances are trained to gauge emergency situations and provide the right kind of attention on the spot to prevent further complications.

Another important aspect that was brought to attention was the need for establishing a single, fully integrated system which connects all hospitals and ambulances together, in order to make it easier for the citizens to get help in case of emergencies. With regards to this, the speakers lauded the Government of Sindh for having taken a step in the right direction by announcing the ‘Sindh Emergency Medical Services’ project. A similar public-private partnership already exists with the provincial government, established in 2017, whereby the two collaborate to provide free-of-cost ambulance services in Thatta and Sujawal.