ALLIANCE FRANCAISE Forms An ALLIANCE With PAYPRO To Facilitate Their Members, Students And Attendees With Digital Payments

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Alliance Francaise, with its rich cultural history has given unforgettable memories to Karachi and is all set to revolutionize the way Frenchlanguage, entertainment andcultural diversity is brought to the heart of the city. Alliance Francaise will now offer all those looking to benefit from their offerings,the option to book and avail services on-the-go and make their payments remotely through digital channels. Members, students and visitors can now pay for the institution’s services through any bank’s ADC channels, which include Bank Transfers through Internet Banking Portal and Mobile Banking Apps directly from their respective bank accounts, as well as their Master & Visa Debit/Credit Cards, through PayPro’s Internet Payment Gateway enabled platform specifically designed to cater brick and mortar establishments with limited online presence. Additionally, users will be able to make payments through any 1LINK ATM, or even through cash at PayPro’s partner OTC collection points accessible throughout Pakistan.

Mr. Gilles Pascal, Director, Alliance Francaise said in a statement, “In these constantly changing times, the world is moving towards digitization at a faster pace than ever before. Evolution in daily practices and activities has become key to sustainability and it was not long before Alliance Francaise adopted these systems as well. Through this partnership with PayPro we are not only broadening our reach to make French culture more accessible, but alsodetermining key insights to better caterto those intrigued by it. We are constantly in search for innovative ways in which we can seamlessly deliver our services across the board.”

Chief Operating Officer, PayPro, Taimur Ahmad said on the occasion, “Alliance Francaise serves as a center for promotion of French language and heritage in Pakistan. It is a source for our countries and their respective citizens to come together and form bonds that transcend physical borders. At PayPro, we are continuously pushing the envelope for the promotion of digital financial solutions across the country and in this regard, we rely on continuously forging new partnerships with a variety of stakeholders like Alliance Francaise.”


Alliance Francaise recently signed an agreement with PayPro (Private) Limited in concomitance of digitization and disruption inthe economic ecosystem within the country, Alliance Francaiseis all set to increase accessibility and bring more digitally enabled avenues of subscription management to members, students and event participants,powered by PayPro’s proprietary smart invoicing solution and digital bill collection services.