Alkaram Goes Bigger and Better with a New Flagship Store in Com 3, Karachi

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) The renowned clothing brand Alkaram successfully launched its new flagship store in Com-3 Mall, Clifton, Block 6, Karachi, with a spectacular opening ceremony on other day.

The new store is located right in the central hub of Karachi and is expected to carry all of the brand’s products in one retail outlet. The opening ceremony of the brand went magnificently with quite a few known faces from the fashion industry making an appearance. The stunning Saboor Aly, Ali Rehman Khan, and Nabeel Zuberi were among the many celebrities that adorned the occasion. The ribbon-cutting at the prestigious event was done by the Chairman of Alkaram.


Alkaram with its haute couture and ready-to-wear products has been at the forefront of the Pakistani clothing industry for more than three decades. It offers an extensive range of fabrics, designs and styles, selling an extraordinary combination of quality and trendy fashion. With its one-store-for-all policy, Alkaram aims to cater to all, and till date it has consistently kept the customer at the forefront.