Ali Chandiyo, the sensational rising star to lookout for, has released his melodic new number ‘Khwaab’

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Ali Chandiyo, an electrifying new addition to the pop and rap music industry of Pakistan, has recently released his enthralling new music video as the third installation of his musical journey. The music video, titled ‘Khwaab’ has been written and sung by Ali Chandiyo in association with MusicStation Productions, and also features the lovely Anoushey Bilal, rising Pakistani model.

Khwaab, a lyrical masterpiece, is a melodic Punjabi number based on the idea of beautiful memories of love, held onto by endless dream sequences. Claiming to be ‘a song for the ones in love’, the lyrics of Khwaab express a state of intense affection that ultimately overtakes the lover’s subconscious mind until his beloved becomes a part of his entire being, whether with eyes wide open or in deep slumber.

The song is a romantic ballad for the beloved, combined with exciting desi rap and a colorfully enigmatic music video.

Talking about the new release, Ali Chandiyo stated, “Dreams are the perfect reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings that are often hidden away from the rest of the world. ‘Khwaab’ is an expression of the ultimate love for your partner that enables them to consume your dreams.”

“Music is the perfect love language and I am excited about introducing this new single to our audiences! Also kudos to the teamwork that went behind the music video production and I am deeply thankful to everyone who played a part in it,” he added.

The music video of Khwaab has been directed by Imram Sheraz and Faraz Hassan, while its audio production is done by Zaid Khan. It is being distributed nationwide by Silent Roar Productions.

Hailing from the metropolitan city of Karachi, at the heart of Sindh, Ali Chandiyo is the son of the legendary late actor from the Pakistani film and drama industry, Ghulab Chandiyo. Following the creative genes he inherited from his father, Ali began his musical journey in 2010 and has performed in multiple live shows not only in Pakistan, but internationally as well. His focus remains on mellow and soft rock genre, however, he continues to be a versatile singer with a multi-faceted approach to creating music.

Ali Chandiyo has previously released two other original music productions by the name of ‘Sojaa’ and ‘Dooriyaan’. His music boasts of being original and resonates with the masses for the nostalgic, melodic vibe they give off. With the release of Khwaab, he is another step closer to the creation of his first musical album that he intends to introduce to his audiences by the end of 2022, with a collection of fresh new tracks.

‘Khwaab’ is available now on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and multiple other music platforms. So wait no further and enjoy Ali Chandiyo’s latest masterpiece right here!