Ajoka to perform “Saira aur Maira” at Faiz Festival.

Ajoka theatre will perform its latest production “Saira aur Maira” on inaugural day of Faiz International festival today (15th November) at hall 2 Alhamra Arts Council Lahore. Written and directed by Ajoka’s Shahid Nadeem, the play is a tribute to the iconic human rights campaigner and eminent Lawyer Asma Jahangir.

The play is primarily based on two important cases fought by Asma Jahangir for supremacy of women’s rights. It depicts story of “Saira”, a woman from Peshawar, who wants a divorce from her abusive husband against her parents’ consent and Maira, who has married without the parental consent. Seema (Asma’s character) bravely fights on every front to get justice for Saira’s and to have Maira’s right to marry of her own freewill. A troika of a rightwing newspaper owner, Talqeen , Maira’s father and Saira’s uncle, run a dirty campaign of vilification against Seema.

The play will be presented with theatrical embellishment, music, good lighting and the play has a strong social and emotional impact. Striking choreography and heartwarming music received enormous applauses from the audience.

Shahid Nadeem, while talking about Ajoka’s participation in Faiz Festival told that Ajoka is regularly performing in Faiz festival from past many years. This time Ajoka brings “Saira aur Maira” its latest production with a talented young star cast comprising mainly of aspiring girls artists. The story highlights the struggle of Asma Jahangir, who became a symbol of hope for the oppressed segments of the society and is also a celebration of courage and conviction of the women fighting against unjust patriarchal system.