Ajoka to hold an evening of drama & music

Ajoka to hold an evening of drama & music Golden Jubilee of Shahid Nadeem as a Playwright.

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

Ajoka Will hold a special event to celebrate the golden jubilee of Shahid Nadeem’s 50 years as a playwright this Friday. The event will include theatrical press compilation of Shahid Nadeem’s famous plays including Dara, Bulha, Kala Meda Bhes, Burqavaganza, Teesri Dastak and Bala King. Artists will also sing his theatre songs. Extracts from Shahid’s popular TV plays such as Neelay Hath, Zara Depehar, Uraan Janjaalpura and Manto will be screened. The event will start with launching of two books of Shahid’s plays: “Hum Dekhain Gae” (Urdu) and “ Baghi Dramay”(Punjabi).

Eminent personalities from Pakistan and India will attend the event which is organised in collaboration with the Lahore Arts Council.

The event will start at 6 pm and entry is free.