5 Major Trends of SEO to Follow in 2020

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With information about using the internet for business online, competition keeps getting tougher. Brand awareness continues to become even more difficult to manage. It is time for every business owner to rethink their content marketing strategies, and make a serious investment in SEO. Websites need to invest in making sure their website design, functionality, hosting, and content meet the standards set by Google.

Therefore, business owners need to familiarize and update their knowledge about how search engines work and how to make their businesses rank. Here are 5 major trends you must follow in 2020.

5 SEO Trends You Must-Follow

1.      High-quality Content

Having high-quality content has become more important than ever. Brands are using online ads to drive more sales, and this will get more expensive in days to come. Sadly, there is no guarantee that the target audience will respond to your ad copy. For any ad, out of 90% of the total ad spend, people only view the ad for less than a second. In 2017, this scenario led to approximately $38 billion worth of losses in ad spend.

This is why SEO experts emphasize and understand the importance of high-quality content. Readers of the content require timely, helpful, and relevant information. Google has become smarter, and high-quality content leads to a quicker and higher ranking on search engines.

2.      Leverage Influencers for SEO

Intrusive ads can be infuriating for most people. However, hearing information or recommendations from people they trust can help. Authentic reviews by social influencers are the next effective SEO trend in 2020. Digital markets and media companies are investing more in using influencers to market their products and services.  According to a report by SIGBL SEO company, approximately 39% of marketers used social influencers and increased their marketing budget in 2018. They spent about 25-50K USD on influencer marketing, and this amplified their SEO, generating more website traffic.

3.      Secure Websites Are Extremely Important

User safety may not have enough to do, but it is extremely important. If users do not feel that your website is safe to use or have a bad experience, they leave too quickly. Often, they get a “Not Secure” notification, warning them not to proceed. This hurts SEO. It can prevent your website from appearing in organic searches. It is necessary to enable the HTTPS protocol because this keeps users secure as they browse your website. According to Google, HTTPS prevents intruders from invading or tampering with the user’s browser and your website.

4.      Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

With innovative advancements in smartphones and other mobile devices, voice searches are the new trend in 2020 and the future. Having your website optimized for voice search is very important for SEO. The more ease your website offers, the better in 2020.

5.      CTR and Bounce Rate Will Be Important

The amount of time a person spends on your website and the Click-Through-Rate will be important for SEO. Consider them an important metric to gauge the success of a website. The insights on SEO will help marketers decide what needs to improve to rank better than competitors.

SIGBL is here to assist you with ensuring that your website conforms with these new emerging trends.