18th Young Leaders Conference Commences In Lahore

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Pakistan’s premier youth leadership summit, The Young Leaders Conference (YLC) 2019, kick-started on Monday at PC Hotel, Lahore. Energy, exuberance and excitement dominated proceedings with prominent personalities from various sectors of business, government and private companies attended the event. 

Around 326 young and energetic participants from all across Pakistan will reside together for 6 days and will go through leadership training, learning from influential speakers and engagement in skills-based workshops and activities. YLC founding members including Kamran Rizvi and the Project Manager for YLC 2019 Osama Nasir welcomed the participants and other attendees along with YLC’s partners and SoL’s board members and advisors.

Kamran Rizvi, Director, School of Leadership commenced the program discussing ‘Transcend Limits’ which aimed to empower youth so that they can realize their true potential and break the barriers that limit them. Kamran Rizvi went on to communicate YLC’s vision and values as well as the introduction of YLC’s champion, Osama Nasir. It was followed by a simulation to introduce the audience to this year’s theme ‘Personal Leadership & Values’ and the concept behind it.

Shahzain Munir, Director, EBM the founding partner stated, “It is indeed a great pleasure to see such initiatives taking place. Forums such as this prepare young individuals to navigate adolescence and realize their potential as they grow on to become adults. This kind of nurturing and training enables them to become confident, motivated and able. It prepares them to be the next generation of leaders in the workforce and in communities”.

Umair Jaliawala, Director of School of Leadership, while addressing the audience regarding the phenomenal growth of YLC said,  “YLC has been an amazing forum for young people who are ambitious and are passionate about making a mark in this world. This event will open new avenues and enable the participants to come face to face with the challenges in their lives. It will help them tackle social issues, realize their abilities and network with some of the most renowned personalities in the business. We are proud to say that YLC has entered its 18th year and has influenced hundreds of individuals who have walked out of here with new hopes and life-changing experiences.”

A set of mentors from various organizations and YLC itself also addressed the participants with anecdotes and experiences from their personal and professional lives.  

The first day followed certain innovative sessions and activities, including #PKNHDR by Neil Buhne, Resident Coordinator for UN in Pakistan in which participants formed a strong connection with the global debate shifting to the recent NHDR and explaining what it entails for Pakistan; a discussion on how and why the youth can play an important role for the future of our country. 

The day also included a capacity building session by Kamran Rizvi, ‘Get an ‘A’ on the ‘I’ – Ashraful Makhluqat’ focusing and reflecting on man’s glory, and his potential.

This year’s conference aims to be bigger and better by hosting and training hundreds of students and young professionals from all across Pakistan equipping them with the skills and knowledge to bring about change in their communities. 

The cause partners for this years’ YLC are Path Finder, Feroze 1888, FNF, Khaadi, PTCL, Marie Stopes Society, Daraz, SSGC, Zee Foundation, Wilshire, KFC, Jubilee Life Insurance, USEFP, Arshad Group, HUBCO and IBEX. The Dunya Media Group is the official media partner along with FM 89.4 as the official Radio partner for the conference while ACCA joined as the official Knowledge partner.  Xenith PR serves as the PR partner, along with Torque being the strategic partner and TCS as the logistic partner helping to bring the message of YLC to all media platforms and providing essential coverage. 

The conference will continue till July 6th, 2019.