10 Million Reward For Breeder To Develop HYBRID BASMATI RICE

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) has announced a reward of Rs 10 million for the breeder/scientists who develop high yielding Basmati Hybrid rice seed. Increasing popularity of Non-Basmati Hybrid Rice varieties which fetch more per acre yield and high returns for the growers had becoming a threat for even the basmati growing areas. Non-Basmati Hybrid Rice varieties are very popular in Sindh right now but these are being also cultivated in Core Basmati Areas of Punjab because of its financial advantages to farmers, so the Managing Committee decided in a meeting held the other day to announce a reward for the breeder/scientists who could develop Basmati high yield varieties.

‘This reward is for all breeders/scientists working in the public or private institutions. It will not go to any institute or the company but the scientists or breeder only,’ said a REAP official.

REAP with this initiative has become 1st trade association which has taken initiatives to secure its supply chain particularly for basmati rice which is also our national heritage and acts as our ambassador globally. Such initiatives will encourage many breeders to come up with high yielding extra long grain basmati rice varieties that will lower cost of production resulting in boosts in Basmati rice exports of Pakistan. REAP is encouraging Research in High Yielding Basmati Rice Varieties to attract farmers and has also urged the government to ban cultivation of Non Basmati Hybrid Rice in Core Basmati Rice Growing areas of Punjab by initiating Zoning system, the official statement issued here Tuesday conclude.