Zong and Growtech connect for the most-advanced business solution

Zong and Growtech connect for the most-advanced business solution and agriculture technology.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Pakistan’s leading Telecommunication Company, Zong 4G has entered into a strategic partnership with GROWTECH Services (www.growtechsol.com) – a leading agriculture-technology company operating in Pakistan. Through this agreement, GROWTECH Services will provide technological solutions to Zong subscribers, to overcome the agricultural challenges and meet the evolving needs of the farmers. GROWTECH is an agriculture technology company working on a data-driven, scientific basis, led by its team of experts and agronomists to remotely guide the farmer communities, through their analytical advice and recommendations. It has also enabled Agri-commerce by empowering the farmers to buy inputs and sell outputs.

The agreement was signed between Mr. Faisal Bilal (founder) represented GROWTECH Services and the management of Zong 4G in the presence of officials from both entities. The collaboration with Growtech highlights and strengthens Zong 4G’s position as the trusted communication and connectivity partner for corporations across Pakistan. The company’s wide-range corporate portfolio offers flexible and cutting-edge services and solutions that are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the corporate sector.

Through this partnership, farmers who are subscribers of Zong will gain access to state-of-the-art technologies provided by GROWTECH. The digital platform also provides valuable services based on remote-sensing, to help resolve critical issues like agricultural land fertility, determination of areas infested by pests, crop health and nutritional needs. It also recommends a more balanced use of fertilizers, pesticides and supplements to enrich the soil and reduce the input cost.

Commenting on the partnership, the spokesperson of Zong 4G said, “With the evolution of technology, our customers’ need for data is growing rapidly and for us, they are the first and foremost priority. Partnering with Growtech is a testament to our unprecedented digital and connectivity services and reiterates our longstanding commitment to elevate the quality of life for the deprived masses, especially the agricultural sector which is a major contributor towards food security in Pakistan. This synergy will utilize the latest technologies for agriculture sector.

Senior Executive of GROWTECH – Mr. Shahnawaz Mahmood said, “Our focus is to enhance productivity and decrease input costs for farmers, to improve per acre yield across the country. This digital-inclusion initiative ensures close interactions for comprehensive tech-advisory, as our farmer-support program accelerates growth throughout the crop cycle.

We have also developed a virtual marketplace (www.growpak.store). Mr. Abdul Rehman Mahmood commenting on the partnership mentioned that the value-chain of e-Shops is connecting all the stakeholders on a single platform, creating an option of group-purchasing to get lower-prices and bargain-deals, to accelerate socio-economic progress.”