Zong 4G – Leading Pakistan’s ICT Sector

Over the last ten years, China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak), a 100% owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation has spent more than USD 3 billion on capital expenditures in Pakistan. Being the only operator in Pakistan with 14,000+ 4G stations in 300+ cities CMPak has also aided in the development of economic activities, resulting in direct and indirect employment creation, and today employs 3,500 direct workers and over 200,000 indirect workers.

Though telecom giant’s efforts towards network expansion and transformation serve its mission of social empowerment, Zong 4G is actively engaged in direct CSR activities. Setting the bar high in terms of social contributions, the company reaches out to Pakistanis in a number of ways across a variety of domains. Being responsive to humanitarian calls, Zong 4G partnered with orphanages, old age homes, schools extending support, supplies and trainings. To ensure gender-inclusivity, Zong has also adhered to building different vocational centers for girls and women ensuring skill development for financial independence.

Zong’s CSR efforts especially came to light in the wake of Covid-19 where its response was remarkable and inspirational. It hardly left a stone unturned to extend support to the Pakistani masses in this time of immense crisis. Just in near past, when Covid-19 pandemic changed the life as we knew it. It was digital technology that helped the world move on while things were awry and uncertain. The tech players around the globe moved swiftly to lessen the devastation that the pandemic was causing. In Pakistan too, tech players scrambled to bring more masses into the fold of digital inclusion. It was since the very beginning of the pandemic that Zong proved its mettle as a responsible corporate citizen.

The moment Covid-19 situation took a turn for the worse in Pakistan, Zong announced a pledge of Rs. 1.5 billion towards the country’s fight against the outbreak. A significant part of the aid came in the shape of discounted telecom services and special offers to facilitate work and study from home. Moreover, Zong employees also donated Rs 7 million towards Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund.

Being a responsible national organization, Zong 4G offered free unlimited data and voice connectivity to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to combat COVID-19 while free SMS, Mobile Broadband services along with CMPak bolt devices were also provided to facilitate for responsive government operations during the pandemic. CMPak was the first operator to announce 20 free minutes every day for its customers observing social distancing to keep them connected. While access to websites, Zong 4G’s website, online recharge service and My Zong App were also made totally free.

Another major way through which Zong extended its support to all segments of the society is via collaborations with the federal and local governments of all provinces. The telecom giant partnered with the local governments of the Punjab, KP, and Sindh to spread awareness about the novel coronavirus and educate masses on crucial preventive measures.

During the troubled times of pandemic, Zong 4G took several initiatives to ease everyday life across the country by promoting e-solutions. In line of its image as a caring brand, Zong 4G partnered with Sehat Kahani, a health solution e-portal aiming to provide 12,000 e-consultations worth PKR 18 million to the underprivileged strata of the society. Out of the free consultation session, 7k sessions were designated to COVID relief while the rest went through for normal consultations.

Under this exclusive partnership, Six COVID Awareness Campaign Videos were also developed and released across digital assets of both Sehat Kahani and Zong 4G. These videos primarily focused on Prevention Techniques and Pre & Post Vaccine Concerns. Zong’s Digital Platforms also hosted Online Live Interactive Sessions where general public was invited to ask questions relating to COVID while a 24/7 helpline team was also dedicated to facilitate and follow up COVID suspects/patients.

Digitizing the nation has been Zong’s dream since its inception and the same reflects through company’s new tag line “Let’s Get Digital”. Pakistan’s journey towards digital transformation is being led by key ICT sector players like Zong 4G and relentless offers are being made to equip country’s growing economy with technology based products like Internet of Things (IoT solutions). These IoT Solutions will be playing pivotal role in digitizing healthcare and businesses. The company recently partnered with NUST Military College of Signal (MCS) and Bahria University to provide training to students on its new IoT platform OneNET. Zong 4G has also introduced its very own state-of-the-art video conferencing tool ‘LinkUp’ which is now being utilized by some major players in different sectors of Pakistan.

Zong was the first telecom operator to launch 4G services across the country by having 1400 4G active tower sites and now it has emerged again as industry leader in telecom sector to test 5G on only in Pakistan but in South Asia, speak volumes of the company’s forward-looking approach. Zong 4G is working for digital inclusion for everyone and is expanding network in the remote and marginalized areas to provide seamless connectivity to each and every Pakistani.

Last year, Zong emerged as the highest bidder for the 1800 MHz spectrum in the NGMS auction for Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and bagged 11.2 MHz in the highly coveted 1800 MHz Band for a cumulative Auction Winning Price of USD 15.442 Million. This huge success enabled ZONG to fortify its 4G leadership by extending its 4G LTE in AJ&K and GB resulting in a much-needed boost to connectivity and high-speed data coverage in the region.

At the same time, Zong didn’t forget its purpose of empowering the society and giving back to it by plugging existing connectivity gaps and serving people’s evolving communications needs through vibrant products and solutions. By providing revolutionary data services, Zong 4G emerged as favorite network of Pakistan’s young generation. In this regard Zong 4G recently joined hands with Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) to launch an online course called ‘How to E-lance’. Aiming to equip 10,000 youth with the knowledge to become professional freelancers, Zong 4G will be supporting these young minds to launch their independent careers on the world’s top two freelancing platforms; Fiverr and Upwork.

Zong is also collaborating with PSDF to provide 300 smart tablets to PSDF top students, encouraging them to use this platform to the fullest and make their futures. This will expand the digital learning outreach and support even more young people, especially women, who face mobility and safety challenges to get digitally connected and establish online careers.

Zong is geared to help Pakistanis achieve their desired objective of digital lifestyle by reaching them out with extensive support and unmatched services.