Zong 4G fighting on frontline against Corona Covid-19 Pandemic

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)    Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Zong 4G has taken various significant initiatives in fight against corona covid-19 pandemic for public facilitation. During the past week, Zong 4G has announced healthcare partnerships to support federal, provincial & local governments in battle against COVID-19 and create awareness for public facilitation In this regard, Zong 4G has initiated a new strategic partnership with government authorities at district Shikarpur, Sindh.

     As part of the partnership, the leader in innovation & technology,  Zong 4G has provided the local government authorities free voice, data connectivity and mobile broadband (MBB) devices to handle all connectivity needs in this time of difficulty. The widest connectivity is enabling government authorities to respond quickly to all COVID-19 queries more effectively.

     In view of the rapidly rising new COVID cases in Pakistan, the new association at Shikarpur will also support the SMS based awareness campaign to the subscribers of Zong 4G. Pakistan’s widest 4G network will extend its communication services to relay ‘COVID-19 safety measures’ & ‘awareness messages’ to subscribers in remote areas at Shikarpur.

    Similarly in the wake of a global pandemic, Zong 4G have also announced partnership with the provincial Government of Balochistan to collaboratively fight the Covid-19 challenges and to create awareness about it through an SMS based campaign.

     Through the widest network of Pakistan, Zong 4G’s awareness activity will reach out to the citizens of the remote areas of Balochistan via an SMS service, urging them to take all precautions and measures amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The campaign is targeted for Quetta, Pishin and Chaman. Over 2.5 million free-of-cost messages have so far been disseminated as part of the partnership. These awareness messages will not only educate people about the symptoms of Covid-19 but also equip them with the details about government helplines from where they can get reliable information on how to protect themselves.

 “The fight against the virus can only be won if we all individually and collectively realize our responsibilities. Zong 4G is doing its utmost in educating the citizens and ensuring that the citizens are equipped with reliable and factual information and we will continue working and supporting the people of Pakistan.”

  Lastly, Zong 4G has partnered with one of the fastest-growing company in the pharmaceutical industry, GENIX PHARMA, to provide customized corporate voice and data services. The strategic collaboration will enable seamless connectivity and unmatched services to GENIX for an enhanced experience.

  The collaboration with GENIX PHARMA highlights and strengthens Zong 4G’s position as the trusted communication and connectivity partner for corporations across Pakistan. The company’s wide-range corporate portfolio offers flexible and cutting-edge services and solutions that are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the corporate sector.

  Apart from working closely with local governments in all provinces, Zong 4G has also partnered with UNICEF Pakistan, NDMA, PRCS, SIUT, Indus Hospital, NIH and HEC, and is playing an integral role in the fight against COVID-19.