YLC 2022: The End of a Bright Conference, The Start of a Brighter Future

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) The Young Leadership Conference’ 2022 on the theme “Pehchaan” started bright and finished on a brighter promising future. The immense 6-day conference loaded with knowledge, information and new experiences come to an end. 

In this year’s theme, “Pehchaan” participants learned and experienced various topics and aspects. Starting from “Realization & Personal Leadership” to “History, Politics & Religion” participants aimed to embark on a journey of finding themselves and pushing themselves to unlearn the complexities, focused on how to be set free from the chains of stereotypes and taboos. They also explored how art is regardless and plays a significant role in bringing people together and how to avail opportunities whenever there is a problem. They also came to explore different aspects of history, politics & religion.

The last of YLC’22 is meant to be not the conclusion of learning but the start of the journey as independent and responsible individuals. Those who recognize their responsibility towards society as a Young Leader and carry forward the impact of the conference to a larger community through the Social Action Projects. The goal of the day is to instill active citizenship by conscious, thoughtful, critically engaging and practically responsible action.

After the participants were given the time to get ready and have breakfast, day 06 day started with a day briefing session by Ali Haider and Khushboo Dahri as day champs!

A detailed panel discussion was conducted by DKT where important issues like family planning and family health were discussed and how such awareness is important as a healthy individual can raise a healthy family and only a healthy family can contribute to building a healthy society.

Ali Haider then briefed about the SoL programs and their offerings while Kamran Rizvi shared the YLC Alumni Success Stories Documentary and Social Action Programs where he explained SAP is about individuals working together to address critical issues in their communities. It involves people contributing their time, effort and resources for the betterment of their society as a whole.

Later, a generous and delicious lunch was sponsored by participants’ favorite chain KFC Pakistan which they enjoyed a lot.

The fruitful 6-day program had a lot to serve its participants. We witnessed them learning, exploring and enjoying the once-in-a-million experience yet this was not the end since the motive of this conference was about recognizing and releasing “Pehchaan” it meant to unlock that consciousness of humans which encourages us to be aware of our responsibility as humans, showing humility and spreading love.

The productive conference concluded on high notes and participants were seen greeting and appreciating before bidding farewell to YLC!