Why is 2021 becoming the year of pastel colors?

Why is 2021 becoming the year of pastel colors?
Why is 2021 becoming the year of pastel colors?

Growing up, mama used to shop for all of us. And the wardrobes were filled with pink, yellow, purple and red outfits only. This resulted into light pink and purple being my only favorite color combination back then. But this combination faded right away when I entered my teenage years.

Aimlessly scrolling through Instagram feed, I have noticed baby pink color making a comeback recently.  Just like how subtle yet wholesome these trend-setters are looking in light pink outfits had me thinking about it all over again.

Looking at these cool tie dye outfits, I could not stop myself from buying one.

Not only for outfits but I see this color making its way in home décor as well.

I never understood the concept of telling kids that only girls wear pink. This gender-based color discrimination has been rooted so deep in me that whenever I see a guy wearing pink, the first thing my mind says is a big NO! But my heart gets really happy to see guys breaking this gender-based color discrimination. Like a 90s child is happily learning to let it all go!

Let’s look at all other cousins of the baby pink color or you can say powder pink as they call it powder pink nowadays:

This powder pink color now, when blended with certain pastel hues gives a feeling of hope and unexpected peace. Maybe this is why Inspire me Pakistan has used it intelligently for the cover of their positivity planner 2021. Just like perfect reminder of spring in summer and summer in autumn, the combination of baby pink and baby blue has got me dreaming of winters in this almost midsummer.

The fact that these colors appeal soothing to senses has got me questioning where did they come from?  The great mother nature of course! Like all other colors which are naturally present in our surroundings and are just waiting to be discovered at the right time.

Imagine having these colors right in the palm of your hand, sounds good? So good.  Without having to worry about letting go of these comforting colors, Infinix NOTE 10 Pro allows you to keep them closer and together in one place. The smartphone allows you to absorb all the colors along with the clear reflection of the light. Blending it all in would have not been easy but Infinix has done it in an unexpected manner.

Infinix NOTE 10 Pro does not ignore the other cousins of this color family. It perfectly reflects this color family with a pop of light creating a pleasing prism effect right in the palm of your hand.  The material used at the back of the phone feels familiar but new every time I hold it in my hand. Infinix has named this special color as Nordic Secret.

Infinix NOTE 10 Pro has been designed to fit right into the hand with its curved edges and light weight material.  Infinix NOTE 10 Pro comes with MediaTek Helio G95,6.95” FHD+ display and 5000mAH long lasting battery. Infinix offers NOTE 10 Pro beyond this color palate as well. It comes in 3 colors unique colors namely 95 Black, 7 Purple and Nordic Secret.