WhatsApp introduces new feature allowing users to join missed group calls

Lahore (NUT-Desk)

WhatsApp recently added a new feature that makes it easier for users to join group calls even after it’s started, solving a major problem for them.

Previously, if you drop off a group call someone has to add you back and it’s the same case with missing group calls in the messaging app owned by Facebook.

Now you won’t have to go through all that because the new WhatsApp feature lets you jump back into a call whenever, as long as the call is still active. The messaging app has also added a new calling UI which also improves the experience.

The new missed group call feature is available to all users on Android and iOS.

How to join WhatsApp missed group calls:

Open WhatsApp, and tap on the ‘Calls’ tab.

Here, you will find your WhatsApp call history.

If there’s an ongoing group call you will see the call highlighted.

Just tap on the call to join back.

You can do this if you’ve missed the group call or if you’ve dropped off a call.

Joining a group call on WhatsApp is also slightly different now. When you receive an incoming group call you can choose to ‘ignore’ or ‘open’ the group call.

If you tap on open the call screen will expand showing the list of participants and whether they have joined or not. You can also view the call participant list during the call.