VSO organized Training Workshop on “Effective Use of Social Media” for Pakistani Youth

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) organized a three-day training workshop titled “Volunteers` Social media training for effective awareness campaigns” in Lahore. VSO core objective for its skills training program is to equip and build the capacity of Pakistani youth with modern social media tools and techniques for digital advocacy on Global Sustainable Development Goals like Education, Social Cohesion, Gender Equality, and Climate Change.

“This is the Fourth training of this year, and 10 more similar training workshops are planned for Pakistani youth in Sindh and Punjab”, said Muhammad Bilal – Project Delivery Officer VSO during his address to the participants, he further said that “VSO has been working in Pakistan since 1987, building healthy communities and supporting people to develop sustainable and resilient livelihoods. VSO has launched a social media awareness campaign named ‘AWAL INSAAN’ to spread awareness around the social issue on quality education, social cohesion, and gender equality while building a stronger, positive image of the country and youth role in development.”

Twenty-Five participants attended this training workshop from Lahore, in the concluding discussion of the workshop participants were confident to utilize training knowledge and learnings in the social development of their respective communities and bring constructive change through digital campaigns.

The training workshop was moderated by Skill Gains where Nadeem Sohail was the trainer of the workshop. Trainer emphasized on the importance of digital advocacy particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. According to the trainer mentioned statistics, social media is cost-effective for various enterprises, social projects, and the non-profit sector of Pakistan for creating awareness, generating livelihood, and ensuring education.

During the three-day training workshop, interactive sessions, in-person group activities, networking, and mock exercises were also carried out to brainstorm modern trends of digital communications.