VMware Helps Secure Foundations of Pakistan’s Digital Infrastructure and Anywhere Workspaces

VMware Helps Secure Foundations of Pakistan’s Digital Infrastructure
VMware Helps Secure Foundations of Pakistan’s Digital Infrastructure
  •          New advancements enable organizations to transform security strategies, accelerating holistic workplace transformation for the new future of work


  • Collaboration with Zoom enables seamless and more secure experience for Pakistan’s anywhere workspaces

 Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Leading organizations in Pakistan have responded, adapted and accelerated their digital transformation efforts in the past year as they pivoted to the sudden remote environment. However, the sprint toward digital transformation has quickly expanded the threat landscape and attackers have seized the opportunity to exploit these the new vulnerabilities. To address this changing threat landscape, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) announced innovations to better secure the world’s digital infrastructure and anywhere workspaces.

As Pakistan shifts its gears for recovery and growth in a new distributed environment, security can no longer be an afterthought. With Pakistan ranking 79th in a recent Global Cyber Security Index by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU)[1], this highlights an urgent need for organizations to re-think their security strategies to enable critical customer data remains secure amidst an increasingly remote business environment.

“Cyberattacks and breaches are perennial challenges for organizations, particularly so for those operating in Pakistan’s heterogenous business environment. As attack sophistication continues to evolve and threat actors look for more avenues to exploit, organizations need a new approach that is simpler, faster, and smarter with the resilience to help keep their anywhere workforces safe from cyberattacks,” said Nitin Ahuja, General Manager, VMware (Nascent/Emerging Markets & Vietnam). “A holistic workplace transformation that encompasses security, accessibility and speed will be critical for Pakistan’s remote-first workforce and help Pakistan adapt and accelerate to the digital future.”

“Between the rapid move to cloud, the adoption of new tools, and the lack of collaboration between security and DevOps teams, we’ve entered an era of complexity never seen before,” said Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Security & Trust at IDC. “Complexity is the enemy of security and by default, resiliency. Organizations are still getting breached because we haven’t put security first in our digital transformation initiatives. VMware looks to provide security teams with a simplified, built-in approach to defend against emerging threats faster and smarter.”


These advancements include:


  • Simplifying Zero-Trust Security to Gain Better Visibility and Control of the Digital Infrastructure: This connected approach brings together critical user control points, devices, workloads and networks with the necessary data from all sources for a simpler, faster and smarter Zero-Trust strategy.


  • Better Securing the Anywhere Workspace Without Compromising Experience: VMware Anywhere Workspace brings together VMware Workspace ONE, VMware SASE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud, empowering anywhere organizations to manage multi-modal employee experience, better secure the distributed edge, and automate the workspace in today’s new work environment.


  • Better Securing the Data Center Faster and More Intelligently: With the VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall, security teams can better protect the data center traffic across virtual, physical, containerized, and cloud workloads from internal threats and avoid damage from threats that make it past the network perimeter.


  • Better Securing Modern Applications and Cloud Workloads to Enable a Dynamic and Flexible Workspace: The VMware Modern Apps Connectivity solution offers a rich set of integrated application delivery services that enable operators to centrally manage end-to-end application traffic routing, resiliency, and security policies across multi-site environments and clouds.


Making Collaboration Simpler and Safer for Hybrid Workforces

Following the launch of VMware Anywhere Workspace, VMware is extending its vision to enable the future of work through its work with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. By bringing together the benefits of three innovative solutions – VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Carbon Black and VMware SASE Platform, the VMware Anywhere Workspace solution empowers today’s anywhere workforce by removing the friction that can exist between IT systems and employees. This creates better experiences and broader, more effective security.

Through this collaboration, VMware is working with Zoom to enable interoperability between VMware Anywhere Workspace and the Zoom collaboration platform to further improve ease of use, application and network performance, and security for hybrid work environments:


  • Enhanced Visibility and Troubleshooting: by enabling greater insights into the networks and devices supporting Zoom users, VMware Anywhere Workspace makes IT more responsive and efficient.


  • Optimized Experience: with support for a multi-modal employee experience common with a hybrid work environment, combining VMware Anywhere Workspace with Zoom gives users a great experience and consistent performance on any device, from any location, over any network.


  • Improved Security: VMware Anywhere Workspace enables broader and more effective security for distributed organizations using Zoom.
VMware Helps Secure Foundations of Pakistan’s Digital Infrastructure
VMware Helps Secure Foundations of Pakistan’s Digital Infrastructure