Virtual Workshops with fashion Maestros presents educational training sessions

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Virtual TEXPO 2021 conducted Virtual Workshops with fashion giants of Pakistan to deliver a learning experience that has been integral to the prestigious platform. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) inaugurated the 1st International Virtual Exhibition, TEXPO 2021 on the 1st of February, held via a digital portal and was live 24/7 for 5 days.

In previous editions of TEXPO, TDAP has offered a wholesome experience of Pakistan’s fashion and textile industries with live sessions and panel discussions. TDAP adapted its learning experience into elaborate training sessions aimed at educating the audience about the labor behind bringing textile and fabric arts to life. Virtual Workshops with Maestros was conceptualized and executed by Take II PR. 

Tamgha-e-Imtiaz winner Rizwan Beyg took the platform to speak about Embroidery and Embellishments, capturing past, present and the future of these handcrafts. The maestro expands on the subject with the evolution of fashion, the invention of its many tools and the practice of handcrafts.

Jewelry and Fashion designer Asim Jofa shared from his wealth of knowledge about Pakistan’s favorite textile commodity, Lawn. Jofa talks about the versatility of lawn and how this breezy summer fabric rose to unprecedented heights and transformed into luxury collections that are now catered to the world over.

Fashion designers Adnan Pardesy and Shamaeel Ansari offer a profound learning experience for budding designers who intend to explore opportunities in the international markets. The designers share what it takes to penetrate the foreign markets, insights of what kinds of products do well in exports and how local crafts can be adapted to cater to non-Pakistani markets.

Fashion designers Farida Qureshi and Wardah Saleem share their expertise of block and screen printing. Saleem discusses the extensive and elaborate process of block printing by reflecting on its history and how the practice has evolved. Saleem also divulges into Ajrak printing and its process with a peek at how the traditional art is printed onto fabric.

Designer Farida Qureshi also expands on the subject of block and screen printing, offering a look at blocks with antique art, Mughal inspired prints and various other carvings that are used in her practice.

The designers also showcased their works with models and dissected the individual elements of their creations to expand on the nuances of fashion designing.

TDAP is proud to announce that 4,700 visitors were registered on the novel digital platform of which more than 3,000 were foreign buyers. A total of 57 local businesses and fashion houses participated in the first virtual edition of TEXPO showcasing locally developed and manufactured products ranging from high-end fashion apparel, ready-made garments, home textiles, fabrics and pandemic-relevant products including personal protective equipment (PPE) and face masks. Virtual TEXPO 2021 also featured Trend Galleries to its visitors.

TEXPO delivered on its mission of boosting trade and connections of its exhibitors by establishing networks in untapped markets in Eastern Europe, Far East and Central Asia. Visitors connected with exhibitors who displayed their products in virtual stalls and conversions progressed into virtual booths to conduct B2B meetings.