Veena Malik wants a pious, religious man’ as life partner.

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Actor Veena Malik wants her second marriage to be solemnised with a person who walks on the path of Allah.

Speaking with a local media outlet in a recent interview, the star gushed over the thought of marrying again, sharing some of the qualities she would look in her husband.

“If at all, I get married again InshaAllah. But I’ll marry a pious, religious man because a person who has fear of Allah, never does injustice to you,” Veena began.

She added, “The person who is not afraid of Allah, is very cruel. So I would like to marry a guy who is good looking and I would like to marry someone with whom I can carry forward my relationship from this world to Jannah InshaAllah.”

When asked if there is a special someone in her life, Veena shared: “There’s nobody right now, but I believe there is somebody out there for me. I’m not looking for him but I know he will come to me when the time is right.”

Veena married Asad Khattak in 2013. The actor later parted ways from the husband in 2017, after two kids.